Monthly Posterous Update – April ’10

Some interesting updates from my Posterous stream.  This week Apple released a restrictive terms and conditions for the App store to prevent developers using third party tools to convert apps written in other languages into Objective C. One opinion is that this is a larger play to kill off Adobe flash, but a larger consensus is that this is to try to lock developers into Apple’s platform – If you’re writing Objective C it’s probably a lot of trouble to develop for other platforms.  David Heinemeier Hansson has a good analysis.

Dave McClure makes a great case in Business Week for why Design and Marketing are more important to new startups than raw Engineering talent.

Dr Mark Goulston on investing in startup founders. Someone who wants to run a business like the King is only going to satisfy their own ego, not make the investors rich.

Stu Wall on why the skills learned in an MBA course may be ideal for big companies, but might not work so well for an entrepreneurial venture.

Rajesh Setty on why some exceptional people do relatively little with their lives. I recommend subscribing to his blog, very interesting stuff.

Finally, one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. This is the satire level of fake Steve Jobs applied to Jason Fried. Hillarious.

2 thoughts on “Monthly Posterous Update – April ’10

  1. Dave,

    Thank you so much for including a link to my blog post about why MANY smart people go nowhere in life.

    Have a great week ahead.


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