One year of Space Avalanche

Space Avalanche just hit it’s first birthday, and I thought I’d share a few stats.

Space Avalanche year one visits

We’re pretty pleased to say the least. Here’s the overall traffic graph for the year:

Space Avalanche Year One Stats

(Click to view larger image)

As a sort of “happy birthday” celebration we thought we’d run a competition. The first prize is a one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-repeated hand-drawn artwork signed by Eoin and we’re also giving away a tshirts and prints.

This is also a good opportunity to thank:

Charlie and Eoghan at who host the comic on their server and go way way outside the expected to make sure the comic stays up.

Noah at DrawnByMouse and John at Mint Condition for continuing support.

The reddit comics forum who give us (mostly) fantastic feedback.

All the people who have translated the comics for us into French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Everyone who follows us on twitter, facebook, and particularly all the people who take the time to comment on the comics. It’s amazing to get such great feedback and it’s very much appreciated.

Check out the competition, and keep reading the comics! Thank you!

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