Oracle Fusion – A mild complaint

From a friend of mine trying to finish a project using Oracle Fusion –

It’s like being told “there’s a bunch of knackers going to bum-rape you to death.  However, you can avoid this by shooting yourself.  All you have to do is build this gun.  We have a tutorial showing you how, but our tutorial is for building a paper hat, but we’re sure you can apply it to your situation.  We have experts on hand, who’ll ask you why you’re not building a paper hat.  You can try and look at the documentation on building a gun, but half of it will be for building a trebuchet and the other half won’t make sense.  Failing that you can mail our public help desk, where you’ll get an Indian answering you with a chunk of text out of the ‘build a paper hat’ tutorial, or postings from the paper hat tutorial writers, who’ll be too busy slapping each other on the back for a job well done.”

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