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The astute reader will notice an extra widget on the right hand side of the blog here. It’s in support of the Startup Visa idea which will grant visas to entrepreneurs with existing funding looking to start their companies in the states.

This initiative will create new jobs and significantly increase the talent pool of highly-skilled entrepreneurs in the states.

The Startup Visa Act proposes legislation to modify the existing EB-5 Visa drive job creation in the US and increase American global competiveness by helping immigrant entrepreneurs secure visas to the United States and create new companies, where there is investment capital available from a sponsoring US venture capital or angel investor of at least $100,000 in an equity financing of not less than $250,000.

More information on the startup visa here:

How can you help?  Add the widget to your blog from this link:

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  1. The StartUp Visa bill is great. It is an exciting way to raise the discussion on how to leverage immigration as as job-creating stimulus. And its cost-efficient!

    SNIP…. You have a good point, but copying and pasting your own blog post into a comment is a little odd to say the least. Keep at it and you’ll probably find yourself in most people’s spam queue. For anyone who is interested, the post that Richard’s shoe-horned into this comment originally is:

    Richard Herman

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