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The Tuesday Push is a crowd-sourced approach to PR with a little word-of-mouth marketing thrown in. It gives Irish businesses a push on the web and occasionally a little advice.

Image via sulla55@flickr

Image via sulla55@flickr

Cmypitch.ie is an online angel network designed to connect investors with startups looking for funding. As an entrepreneur you upload a pitch to describe your business and have it viewed by high net worth individuals looking to invest. The revenue stream fro cmypitch is straightforward – the entrepreneur puts their money where their mouth is, paying two hundred euros for the opportunity to pitch. (Correction from cmypitch: Uploading a pitch to the site is completely free, though there is a fee to pitch directly to investors at their live pitching events.). It’s a similar idea to Angel’s Den in the UK, which has proved itself as a vehicle to create companies.

From a brief demo of the site, the design is clear and uncluttered. Without actually paying to upload a pitch I can’t tell the sort of feedback you can get on a pitch. An ideal situation would be to get commentary on what areas of the pitch investors thought was strong or weak, or some sort of ratings metric across a few areas to determine what people thought of the idea.

The site has racked up a few partners from household names such as Bank of Scotland, Deloitte, and The Irish Times and some entrepreneur endorsement from Eddie Jordan. It looks like a solid enterprise but the proof of the pudding is in the eating – I’m looking forward to see what sort of businesses get funded, and how they fare.

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