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The Tuesday Push is a crowd-sourced approach to PR with a little word-of-mouth marketing thrown in. It gives Irish businesses a push on the web and occasionally a little advice.

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This week’s Tuesday Push is for FineTuna.com, a collaborative image editing tool. The idea behind this site is simple – You upload an image, add comments or suggestions to the image, and then send it on to people for review.   I work from home full-time and seeing as the rest of my colleagues are happily sitting in the Californian sun,  something like fine tuna is perfect for discussing new features, collaborating on new design, and critiquing areas that need tweaking in our applications.  In terms of identifying a pain point for your user and solving it, Fine tuna does a good job.

In terms of a business model I see fine tuna as more of an advertising piece for SpoiltChildDesign‘s main product, an email marketing tool called toddle. Fine Tuna works well as an advertisement, but with some minor tweaks it could become a very useful stand-alone product:

  1. Better Privacy – When you send an image for review, the recipient gets a shortcode. It’s very easy to play with the shortcode URL and see some other random discussion that isn’t yours. This alone means I could never use it for anything more than messing around.  I’d suggest having to enter a one-word password which is shared with reviewers before you can see the design. This would keep it just secure enough to deter people from nosing around.
  2. User Accounts – There’s no way for me to easily go back and see old designs that I’ve worked on without digging through my email. Having a very simple user account which lists your designs and who you shared it with would be useful. I understand that in it’s current incarnation it’s a sort of throw-away design session, but even the illusion of security would make it that little bit more usable.

Overall, it’s a very nice little app. The UI is clean and usable, and it’s well suited for simple collaborations, or getting approval and commentary on designs.

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