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    The Tuesday Push  is a little social experiment to help promote Irish businesses on the web.  Every Tuesday a group of dedicated helper monkeys listening for the signal to act receive their instructions from the Tuesday Push website and scatter to the comfort of their blog software’s admin panel like some sort of benevolent terrorist cell. 

   This week’s push is for mymunster.com, a social networking site for Munster rugby fans. To brutally frank, rugby is not something I’m interested in.  Actually, if I was given the choice between watching rubgy or being hit in the face repeatedly with a shit-covered shovel, I’d probably have to think about it for a while.  

    With my masochistic preferences aside, the site is a nice niche within a huge, passionately dedicated market. The design of the site is intuitive, clean,  and well branded and they have a good community following already.   If you’re a Munster rugby fan check it out!

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