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The Tuesday Push is a crowd-sourced approach to PR with a little word-of-mouth marketing thrown in. It gives Irish businesses a push on the web and occasionally a little advice.

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This week’s Tuesday Wednesday push is whoseview.com, a community review site for Dublin businesses.  The Tuesday Push seems to have met some sort of untimely end – it may just be to do with general lethargy from the recent bank holiday weekend, or it may be that this week’s Tuesday Push is for yet another community business directory and reviewers are jaded. I’m wondering what happened – the concept started off with around fifteen or so bloggers pushing the idea and offering criticism and advice, and after a few weeks it dwindled to one or two. I deliberately avoided writing a post yesterday to see who’s still pushing, and the only review I could find for yesterday’s Tuesday Push is by Paul Watson. Get off your asses!

Whoseview is a nicely designed site who are picking a relatively tight niche by focusing on Dublin businesses, before planning expansion into other major Irish cities and beyond. A little more focused than the approaches by mytown.ie and loopthing.com who are trying to list all Irish businesses and all businesses everywhere respectively, but not as focused as Revahealth who have found a very focused, profitable channel. Trying to list everything in the country or world is no more a “series of narrow channels” then trying to swim across every ocean in the world is “going for a little paddle before dinner”.  I can get behind whoseview‘s approach of focusing on one city and branching from there, and I’m a big fan of the look and feel of the site. It’s polished and professional, and blows the doors off most of the competitors in terms of usability. As Paul points out, the sign-up is a little convoluted though.

Now for the dispicable(sp) bit where the author gives out unwanted advice. Do we really need another Irish review site? Yes, it’s niche. Yes, it’s very polished. No, it’s not original – but then again, what really original concepts does the Internet really provide?  As long as you’re offering something even 10% new you can succeed, and if you focus on a small enough business area you will find it easier to make money than trying to cater to everyone and everything. That said, they’re competing in a crowded space where a lot of sites are offering similar and overlapping service offerings. I believe the key will be solid concent, SEO, and marketing.

If I offer a minor criticism (total nitpicking for the sake of it) it’s that the site loads somewhat slowly on my crappy national-telephone-company-provided connection. I’d recommend moving their static content to another server (from the cookie settings it looks like a the current one is a java container), and using apache/ngix/whatever flavor of server to set far-future expires headers to allow for browser caching and serve the images without cookies. Possibly also combine their CSS into one file, make Yahoo’s YUI Compressor part of their build process, and use Yslow / Google pagespeed to tweak accordingly.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Push – Whoseview.com

  1. Hi Dave

    thank you for the feedback and for posting about the site, as all is very much welcomed at this stage of our beta.

    I agree with you on the sign up and was an issue we spotted as soon as we opened the site, so working on this at the moment. The site speed is also something we are working on and while we have improved considerably, further work has to done on certain pages. Thanks for the tips though as will definitely use.In fact we have a few other issues like this that need fine tuning.

    We are positioning ourselves as a social search website and have decided to build a nice clean social element overlaying pre-populated directory information. Therefore glad you like design as well as usability. We believe this is the future of search where people will base their decisions on recommendations from their circle of trusted friends as well as a wider review community. We think the days of relying on a business name and number from the golden pages online or off are rapidly descreasing.

    Unlike some of our competitors, we believe profiling the user behind the review is critical for trust. Therefore we have given each user a profile page where browsers can view their activity and make informed decisions as to the quality of the review and reviewer. We only opened the site on July 17th and will be working on many of the key points you mentioned above for success.

    thanks again dave

    Kind Rgs

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