Book Review : Seth Godin’s “Tribes”

Tribes is a manifesto for self-driven change for everyone tired of the status quo – A call to identify the problems in your company, town, or life and start solving them with a like-minded group of enthusiasts.

Seth has written a clear guide through what he describes as a “factory” mindset – Where a job is clearly defined and you do the same things every day in a predictable manner, with someone telling you what to do next. The reality he proposes is that the factory mindset when applied to real life is dangerous – dangerous for the individual who doesn’t have the freedom to produce remarkable works with their talents, and dangerous for the company that lets great ideas stagnate due to poor policy.

The central principle of the book is that change is created by people – by leaders who are proud to go against the grain to do what they know is right. Movements are created by groups of these people, all working together at a singular aim without the fear and inertia that stifles innovation and talent.

I’ve dipped in and out of Seth’s blog and always enjoyed it but never really ‘drank the kool-aid’. No more – I found this book absolutely inspirational, and if you bump into me in the near future you may find me trying to force this book into your hand. Buy it, rent it, or steal it – this is something you need to read.

Postscript: In Tribes, Seth mentions a book called “Tribal Leadership”. Here’s a summary of Tribal Leadership.

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