Facebook’s Social API

Facebook announced their impending internet domination today at the F8 conference. One interesting thing is the ability to add a facebook “like” button to any page on the internet:

This simple bit of social proofing immediately adds credibility to a page in the eyes of a user – Hey! My friends like this, it must be worth a read.¬† That said, they’ve done a lot more. Their graphing API aims to link every piece of information that a user creates online back to their profile. This could get interesting.

Facebook Like Button API

The API docs for facebook’s ‘like’ button are straightforward¬† – to use the iFrame version is just a copy and paste, whereas the javascript SDK is a bit more bothersome.


  1. The ‘Like’ button being absolutely everywhere by the end of the week
  2. Shoddy marketers creating static images of the like button icon at the top of their pages.
  3. Someone figuring out how to game the figures or creating a fake version by legitimately using the user’s friend data to create a spoof ‘like’ button.

After some initial messing my biggest problem is that the button itself seems to take up a lot of space with the default settings. I’m sure the CSS-savvy can style it to their heart’s content.

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