Rebirth – The year of execution

So I spent a lot of time reading and review books back in ’06  and ’07. I’d just read Joel Spolsky’s “MUST READ” list and managed to persuade my manager to add most of them to the company library, the office admin in charge of signing out the books was hella cute so I had lots of motivation to get to the “library”, and I had plenty of spare time to read on the bus in and out of work. Perfect!


Then I started working from home so my usual three hours of reading on the bus turned into half an hour at night, and I started working two jobs simultaneously.  Ah well, the path to hell and all that. So now the plan is a more standard sort of blog, and I’ll try and throw in book reviews here and there without being stuck with only book reviews.

The second part of this is that I’ve gone through my “ideas” list, which has grown to around 150 entries. This is a list of business ideas or projects I’ve had over the last few years, and while there’s a lot of crap there’s also a few really good business ideas… if only I’d done them at the time I came up with the idea.  Now a lot of them have  been done by about 20 other companies,  or  have been made redundant by new technologies.   I’ve started re-evaluating the leftovers and I’m trying to tackle the “low-hanging fruit”, setting a few personal learning projects in the meantime.

Fitting in with Niall H’s recent blog entry – I intend to make 2009 my “year of execution”.   So when I get an idea it just gets done rather then gathering dust on a list.

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