The 100 Best Business Books of all time

One of today’s nuggets from Guy Kawasaki‘s prolific twitter stream was a link to “The 100 Best Business Books of all time“.  I’m not certain of the author’s credentials to be able to definitively say that these are the best books on business ever written,  or whether the books that are on the Personal MBA list are better or worse, or some intersection of the two is the way to go, or whether you should just put down the books and get off your ass and create something meaningful.

However, it did rekindle an old idea: I’m sure there are a large enough group of people who would want to read these books, yet I’d be surprised if they wanted to buy all of them, or if a conventional library would carry them.  So essentially a book club –  charge a group of people a small fee (A fiver or a tenner say) to join this book club, and use the proceeds to purchase as many of the books on the list as possible.  Books get loaned for a maximum of two weeks, then passed on to the next member who requested it.  Set up a simple web site to coordinate the book loans and allow for reviews.  If anyone was interested in loaning or donating books that they already own to the group it’d also be useful.  I own a handful from the list which I’d be happy to lend.


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