Tuesday Push – Pushing the push!

The best ideas are the simplest. Tuesday Push is a way for Irish companies to leverage community and get a little extra recognition. Every Tuesday a company is nominated and a small but dedicated army of altruists get to work testing the company’s product and giving it a bit of a plug via blogs, twitter, and other social media.   

The reasoning is pretty simple – You write about the company and people who have never seen it previously get it put in front of their eyes. If they like it, they tell their friends or colleagues and it spirals towards a tipping point where the product can become mainstream.

The idea successfully implements several of Robert Cialdini‘s concepts from “Influence: The science of persuasion” in that people are more easily persuaded by people they like – A recommendation from a blog they subscribe to is far more effective then a random link from a stranger.  Additionally, social proof indicates that it’s more likely for people to try a product if they believe others are using it – The catch-22 of a lot of startups; You can’t get customers until you have customers.


The Tuesday Push was started by Damien Mulley of Mulley Communications last year. Here’s his take on the how the concept has worked so far:

Since July of last year 10 products and services have been pushed with about a dozen regulars helping out each fortnight to write about each service.


You can request a Tuesday Push for your business here.

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